Weights Day

Since I haven’t be able to do any cardio since March 31 (we’ll discuss another day just how I’m dealing with that; hint not well) I’ve been trying to find other ways to make sure I keep fitting in my favorite J. Crew neon shorts and white jeans. Also so I don’t completely spiral out of control and have a meltdown, because ain’t no one got time for that. That’s where the weights have come into play. Twice a week for the past two weeks (this is week 3) I’ve been doing a full body circuit with some fairly heavy weights. Yesterday was Day ‘A’ workout.

Some Notes:

  • Each exercise pair is performed as a superset. There are three sets of 10 repetitions per exercise. So for each pair of exercises (A and B), you will do 10 reps of A, then 10 reps of B, increase weight and do 10 A and 10 B again, and then increase weight again and do the final 10 and 10.
  • Weights should be chosen such that the first set is not so difficult to finish all 10, the second set takes almost full effort, and the third set takes every last bit of effort and you may come up a couple reps short. If you’re not finishing the first or second set, do not go up in weight for the subsequent set.

Day ‘A’

First Superset

Second Superset

Third Superset

Fourth Superset


*As a precaution I’m being a little bit of a weenie with my leg weight selections just until I find out what’s wrong with my hip

My friend Kathryn and I do this workout together, and our friend Pat motivates us to not slack off/makes us laugh with “that’s what she said” jokes while we’re trying to reverse lunge. It takes about an hour, if you account for the much-needed face plant time on the ab mat at the end. It’s a good workout that leaves me sweating, out of breath, and incredibly sore the next day. In fact, I might need help washing my hair tonight. If you’re looking  for a new routine, give this one a try!





Summer Shape Up “Before”

So on Monday I started following The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up program. Since I’m not on the depression diet of last summer any longer, I’ve put on about 5 lbs and am not loving how my clothes are fitting or how I’m feeling. I figured a good workout kick in the ass and a little cleaning up of my diet would do me some good. I took some measurements and “before” photos to help keep myself motivated and in line and uh I’m gonna post em here. If I’m being honest these photos make me hate myself a little and I think I look awful, but I guess that’s why I’m trying to tighten things up a bit.


Waist: 30
Stomach: 34
Hips: 39
Left Thigh: 23
Right Thigh: 23.5

Last summer, my waist was around 28.5 so ideally I’d like to get back to that, and my stomach well I just need to cool it on the wine haha. So Monday was the first day, and I did the workout for week 1 followed by 20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical. Food wise I’ve been pretty good as well. Breakfast is usually some egg whites, frozen fajita veggies, and a sprinkle of cheese. Lunch is a turkey sandwich on a flat-out wrap with spinach and carrots and hummus, afternoon snack of a smoothie with fruit and spinach and a little skim milk. Dinner has been a piece of chicken, sweet potato, and asparagus this week.

Tuesday’s workout was just 3o minutes of cardio, which I spent on the elliptical, and yesterday was Workout 1 again followed by the Hill Challenge (just realized I did this for 25 minutes instead of 20, oops).  So yeah, two workouts left as part of week 1 and I’m excited to see what the Week 2 workout will be. I’ll be sure to check in on post updates on how it’s going, uh and please be kind about the photos.

My Favorite Workout

I have a new favorite upper body/core workout, and if you follow me on Instagram you may already have an idea as to what that is. First there was this photo from last weekend on The Mall downtown.

it’s more fun to be upside down

Then there was this one that I posted on Friday afternoon.

This one is much prettier

This one is much prettier

Holding a handstand really does require an epic amount of upper body and core strength, specifically in your shoulders, but every muscle in your arm will get some work during this. Without fail, whenever I mention that I can still pretty easily kick up into a handstand at the ripe old age of 27.5, the number one question I get is, “How?” I find it pretty difficult to explain, mostly because it’s something I’ve been doing since age five, but I decided to make a video for y’all with some things that will make mastering the handstand easier for you.

  1. warm-up, just with any workout regime you don’t want to go in cold. I usually run a few miles before tackling mine and then stretch out and warm up my wrists. Wrist flexibility and strength is also really important, so roll them around, flex them back and forward, better yet just watch this
  2. You want to work up to a minute for the hollow body hold, in my gymnastics days we called it six inches because hint your body is only supposed to be six inches off the ground.
  3. Honestly? I find the handstand facing the wall more difficult that kicking up into one facing away from the wall… something about having to walk your feet up.
  4. I look like a giant nerd in the video, but the majority of it was filmed on Sunday in my living room so I had to make do with the space I had.
  5. My ass jiggles, a lot, I’m not really happy about it.

Again, like with anything, practice makes perfect. I think the most difficult thing about doing a handstand is getting a feel for that magical center of balance. The strength and conditioning will only take you so far, it’s really about mastering the feel of balancing upside down. Also, by no means are my handstands perfect or nearly as pretty as they used to be. The walking happens because I lose my balance when trying to stay still.

If you have any questions, lay em on me, and don’t be afraid of falling. You most likely won’t, and if you do it doesn’t hurt that much :). Plus it only takes one or two falls out of a handstand before you master the art of the forward roll fall out. Outatkes of me falling out of my handstands.


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