Airheaded Tendencies

So, picture this.  I leave the office yesterday evening, walk out to the parking garage and to the usual level where I park my car, get all the way to the end of the row and realize, hmm no car.  Suffer through that minute of panic when you think someone stole your car, realize this is a secure garage, and then just stand there for a confused and trying to remember where I may have actually parked on this lovely Wednesday.  Turn around in circles a few time, and then remember.  Oh yeah, this level was full, oops I’m parked one floor up!  Drag my high heeled butt back up to the other level and finally find my car.  Sometime’s I’m really an airhead.

Anyway, after I located my hiding vehicle, I managed to drive myself across the street to the gym to get a workout in.  You see, everyone in my group but me has called out sick this week, so I’ve been slammed doing three people’s work all day instead of just my own.  That leaves no time to get away from my desk for an hour.  Or, hour and a half if we’re being totally honest.

So the workout, 1.5 mile warm-up on the treadmill followed by a full body weights work-out.  Good lord are my arms sore today, and my hands for that matter.  I need to get myself a pair of weight lifting gloves.  As corny as I think they are, I’m sick of ripping my hands apart.  I am a lady, I’m supposed to have delicate soft hands.  My feet are a mess enough for  both appendages.

In other news it’s Thursday already, which is awesome, except I think 2012 really will be the end of the world.  It has not stopped raining since like Monday, and I think we’re all on the verge of floating away.  Kind of annoying how the East coast, which absolutely needs no rain at all, is getting dumped on and poor Texas is still in desperate need of precipitation.  Come on weather, get it together.

So, my family is coming to visit next weekend, and it’s the first time my mom will ever see my house, which means I really need to spend this whole weekend cleaning.  I started last night by randomly scrubbing my toilette at 10 pm.  I’m also thinking about trying my hand at crafting a little wreath project I saw over on AP’s blog.  I’ve been in a crafty mood lately.  Anyway, happy Thursday, have a great one!


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