21 Day Cardio Body and Yoga Meltdown

Last night I utilized Exercise TV again, and did two workout videos.  I did the Brooklyn Decker Cardio Body workout, and then decided to check out Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown.  I’ve heard so much about it and how intense it is and I wanted to see for myself.  Here’s Pumpkin all ready to workout with me.

Doing two videos in a row might have been a little ambitious, because holy crap was I exhausted by the end.  My sister paused the TV during Jillian at one point and laughed, and was like you know you’re only half way done?  I thought for sure my arms were going to fall off of my body.  I kept waiting for her to tell us to push back into Child’s Pose, but I should have known there is no resting with Jillian.  I loved it though, and am now considering purchasing the actual DVD and will revisit level one through exercise TV as soon as I can move my triceps again.  Pumpkin gave up half way through, and went right to the bathing process.

For some reason, after a strenuous workout (especially when I know my muscles will be screaming the next day) I want nothing more than a giant glass of red wine.  Ok well I most always want a giant glass of red wine, but I’m convinced it keeps me from getting as sore also.  I schlepped across the street to the liquor/grocery store, picked up a bottle of Malbec, and some tortelloni.  Our off button for the oven currently isn’t working, so uh using it isn’t an option.

I used my toaster oven to roast some asparagus with olive oil, salt, and pepper and put that on the bottom of my plate.

Then I added the pasta, sauce, and a sprinkle of shredded Mozzarella.

It was good, and the addition of the asparagus made it a much more filling meal.  The sauce was a little bland for my taste, so I think when I use it again I’ll add some more seasoning to it.  Overall a quick, delicious, and healthy meal.

Tonight is hopefully my very last PT appointment.  I’ve realized I’m so nervous about working out though and am afraid to push myself because of my leg.  I still just keep expecting it to hurt, I wonder how long it will take before I trust my body again?

Have a great Thursday everyone, it’s almost the weekend!  Or if you’re my two jerky friends, today is your Friday.


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