The sun makes me happy

This is how I spent the hours from 11 am to 3 pm yesterday:


And those, are the ultimate example of runners boobs.  Yup I am as flat as a board, sigh you win some you lose some, at least I have nice legs, right?  And no, that is not all sweat in my hair, I was periodically hosing myself down, much to the enjoyment of my neighbors, I’m sure.  This is the pretty concrete slab I spent my time with all day:

may 001

My lounge chair is in the bottom corner.  It’s not so bad really, just nothing compared to the yard I used to have before the big D (divorce) in my family.  The hose did make all the difference yesterday though, because it was freakin hot!  I tried to bring the Pumpkinator outside, but the second I picked up either the harness or the tie out line, she went running for the hills, still not a fan, I think it might have been a little hot for her anyway.

I am happy to report that my burger was just as good as leftovers for lunch yesterday as it was for dinner on Saturday night, I’ll probably dream about that burger for days to come.  For dinner both my mama and I wanted something light, so crab cakes and a salad it was.  Ya’ll know how I love my crab cakes, especially if you were some of the few individuals I sent hunting for one on my birthday last year :).

may 004

Crab cake, coconut shrimp, and Caesar salad, I ate one of the shrimp, but I’m typically not a shrimp fan.

may 005

Look at those whole pieces of crab meat, omg this was so good.  I restrained myself and only ate one, which means I have one waiting for me for dinner tonight.  Score!  I wish I could make crab cakes as good as McCaffrey’s.  Maybe since I used to work there they will give me the recipe?

To continue our weekend of movie watching, my mom and I watched Crazy Heart last night.  Has anyone else seen it?  I kind of really liked it, it was sad and depressing, but good at the same time.  Although I did have a hard time believing the Maggie Gyllenhaal Jeff Bridges romance, but whatevs.

Alright kids, I hope everyone else had a great weekend and you get through your Monday’s somewhat easily.  Back to PT tonight, I wonder how long they will have me run for, could be interesting.

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20 Responses

  1. Damn runner’s boobs. I have issues with mine, too. Although I’m sure genetics didn’t help me much, either.

  2. Ben and I watched Crazy Heart last night too!! I really liked it, but found it difficult to understand him in his drunken stupor, often!

  3. Hooray for runner’s boobs!!! :)

  4. I love your bikini top! Very cute and love the colors!

    That crab cake looks incredible!! :)

  5. All I have to say about the runners boobs…it’s a good thing that you can buy swimsuit tops and bottoms separately. :) That crab cake looked DE-vine! I think I need to learn how to make them and do them on the grill this summer.

  6. Oh I looooove crab cakes!!! Yum. So good when they are mostly crab with little filling.

    Ah yes, the runner’s boobs. It’s weird because once I started running, I lost what boobage I had and gained the epic runner’s boobs.. but I also gained some smoking legs, which I actually prefer.. call me crazy. (can’t believe I just said boobage in reference to me on the internet for all the world to read..)

    • I agree, I hate when they’re all breading. Haha yeah my boobs are always the first to go when I start a heavy running regime, but I agree I prefer having great legs also!

  7. Haha, I feel ya on the runner’s boobs. And the Big D. I miss the backyard we had growing up, complete with pool and hot tub. Sigh…

    The crab cake looks fab!

  8. I have that bathing suit! Got it last year, love it.

  9. I sort of wish my boobs were smaller.

    I have a slab like that too. I thought about sitting out on it over the weekend but then realized that I’d have to clean up all the dog poop (there’s grass out there too) and abandoned the idea!

  10. I’m catching up on google reader, clearly:

    1. LOLZ @ runners boobs. When I hang out with competitive runners I tend to feel giant…and I don’t even think I’m a full B cup. But these chicks are twigs! Anyhow, I like that top. ;p

    2. As far as Crazy Heart (loved it), I think Maggie’s character was a big enough music fan that I can buy her being into him since he was a legend. And its not like she backed off once he fucked up. I think the most pleasant surprise of that movie was Colin Farrell actually proving once again that he’s a good actor when he’s not stumbling around drunk. (If you haven’t seen In Bruges? Great, totally worth a watch. And he’s great in it.)

    • Yeah I’m definitely in the “barely B” category. I have not seen that movie, but I might have to check it out. I was totally amazed to see Colin Farrell in a movie, I thought he was just bumming around not shaving in the streets somewhere!

  11. Runner’s boobs are the best…they may not be the hottest but they sure make life and running easier. :) I still have the boobs of a 12 year old boy.

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